Join us at the 2016 Water Fair

9851511_origA Community Connected by Water!

Date: Sunday, March 13, 2016
Time: 11:00 am to 3:00 pm
NOTE: This is the first day of Daylight Savings Time!
Where: Gulf Islands Secondary School (GISS)

Join us for a fun and interesting time! Tour informational and educational booths, take a workshop or two, and watch short demos. Bring the kids for some water-related fun, grab a bite to eat and even take a yoga class!

  • SSI Water Council
  • SSI Water Protection Authority
  • SSI Water Preservation Society
  • Kids4Creeks
  • Cusheon Lake Stewardship
  • Hatchet & Seed
  • Gulf Islands Rainwater Harvesting & Irrigation
  • Transition Salt Spring
  • North Salt Spring Water District
  • SS Water Co.
  • Windsor Plywood
  • Mouat’s Home Hardware
  • Quentin Harris Native Art

Do It Yourself Demos:

12:15 pm: How to Build a Rainwater Barrel
Join Peter at the Windsor Plywood booth to acquire the ‘know-how’ to build a simple but functional rainwater barrel. This is a tool you can put to use!

12:45 pm: Household Items that are Great for Using the Rainwater You Harvested

Join self-proclaimed water nerd Sharon Bywater at the Home Hardware booth for suggestions on low tech ways to use rainwater/greywater in the garden or for chores using household and re-purposed items.


Morning Sessions: WATER MANAGEMENT: Practical Matters

11:15 am: Holistic Water Management: Working with Contours
Tayler Krawczyk from Hatchet and Seed describes tools you can use to transition from winter water abundance to summer water scarcity. With Tayler, ‘follow farm slopes’ and discover strategies to ‘slow, sink, spread, and store’ winter’s abundant rainfall. Tayler’s bucket-full of strategies to sustain water availability through the dry summer period include everything from conservation and bio-swales to keyline cultivation and pond construction.

11:45 am: Rainwater Harvest and Irrigation Systems
Matt Nowell of Gulf Islands Irrigation will share with us how to keep gardens growing in the absence of rainfall using passive and active rainwater harvest to move water from rooftops to gardens. Learn the basic strategies for capturing, filtering, storing and re-using rainwater to meet your irrigation needs.

Afternoon Sessions: WATER MANAGEMENT: Research Matters

1:00 pm: Introduction to PICS ‘Tools for Climate Change Education’ & Resilient Gardens 2016 by L. Gilkeson
Workshop organizer and host Maggie Squires will introduce you to the ‘Climate Change’ educational tools that are available at no charge on the Pacific Institute for Climate Solutions website. Next, we’ll briefly peruse Linda Gilkeson’s new book Resilient Gardens 2016: Climate Change, Stress Disorders, Pest Update.

1:15 pm: Water Supply & Drought
Meghan McKee of NSSWD brings you detailed information about the general challenges of managing SSI’s surface water supplies and the particular demands of managing water supply during periods of drought. Hear about the impacts on water supply of the 2015 drought, and how lessons and insights from the unusually long dry period in 2015 will feed forward into planning for conservation and drought management in 2016 and beyond.

1:45 pm: Ocean Research: Dead Zone in Ganges Harbour?
David Denning brings news about exciting new research aimed at detecting anoxic events (loss of oxygen) in Ganges Harbour and at identifying ‘dead-zone’ causes and impacts. After observing an anoxic event in our Harbour, David became determined to organize volunteers to watch for its reoccurrence, and to understand the conditions that signal another die-off of living organisms due to oxygen-depletion. In spring 2016, this new research project is underway! Come and hear all about it.

2:15 pm: What Is the Meaning of Water to the Quwutsun First Nation?
Cowichan (Quwutsun)  Elder Ron George (Tousilum) has served as a member of the Quwutsu’un community (Cowichan, Hul’quimi’num) for several decades and enjoys sharing cultural traditional knowledge in the form of storytelling and other learning. Quwutsu’un traditional territories encompass portions of several of the Gulf Islands, including Salt Spring Island, and Vancouver Island.


11:30 am – 12:30 pm: “Water Yoga”

Join Lyndsay Savage for an hour of yoga in the GISS Dance Studio. Emphasis on fluid movements, and practicing with least effort. This is a mixed level class, some prior experience with Yoga is desired. The number of yoga mats is limited, so please bring yours if you have one.

Lyndsay Savage lives on Salt Spring Island and teaches from her home-based studio, teaching in an intimate class setting. Her teaching style is from the Vijnana tradition of Yoga (teaching from the inside out), and from the Yoga Synergy tradition that incorporates a Martial Arts integration.

Water Art:

Join Robi Smith in creating a colourful and musical water installation using simple household items like glass jars, water, spoons, chopsticks and food colouring. Play the sounds of water. Find the deepest tones and the highest rings! What song does water sing to you?

Robi Smith – a mixed media and installation artist born and raised in Vancouver. Water is integral to her work, both in subject matter and material, and she is passionate about understanding and protecting coastal ecosystems. Through her art, she explores themes such as our place in nature, the interconnections between species, and the impacts (positive and negative) of human activities on watersheds and ocean life. She is currently Artist-in-Residence with the City of Maple Ridge.

Kids’ Zone:
KidZone 1 – Room: S104B*
11:05 – 1:45 pm Face-painting | Games and Free Play | Water Activity Sheets
2:10 – 3:00 pm Magic Tricks with Shaun Luttin. All ages, drop ins welcome.
KidZone 2 – Room: S113*
11:05 – 11:35 am Story Time with Elizabeth Buchanan.
11:40 am – 12:10 pm Drawing Water Animals with Quentin Harris. For ages 7 and older
12:15 – 12:45 pm Lunch Break
12:50 – 1:45 pm Sing-along with Kate Romain.
2:10 – 3:00 pm Drawing Water Animals with Quentin Harris. For age 7 and under.

Please ensure that children under 7 years are accompanied by a parent or guardian.
*If your child is age 7 or older, they may participate in the programs in this room without a parent or guardian, although the Water Fair organizers, Water Council and SSIWPA are not liable for any childcare.
KidZone 1 is a drop in space. Please note that supervisors will not be keeping track of children moving in and out of the space.
KidZone 2 activities will begin on time, the door will close, and late-arrivals will only be admitted with permission by the leader.

Quentin Harris – Amazing as an art teacher for children, this Salish indigenous artist is inspired to honour both natural heritage and native culture. He will guide two age-appropriate drawing sessions in KidZone. Quentin (or “Q” as he is known to the kids) is also a storyteller, and master woodcarver who connects the power of storytelling to visual art and aspires to create transformative learning through heart-mind connection.

Elizabeth Buchanan – Author of four children’s books, many works of poetry and other journalistic works, Elizabeth has been storytelling for 30 years. She is passionate about the environment, and has been an activist since age 13. In the past, she has been a vibrant part of Salt Spring Island Saturday and Tuesday Markets, as the creator of ‘Salt Spring Savories’. Elizabeth is also an educator: leading professional development from preschool level to post-graduate level. Her session is open to all ages, especially under 12. Children under 7 years must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Room S104B 11:05 – 11:35am.

Shaun Luttin – Tapping into the flow of magic tricks to build community humour, join Shaun to be confounded by what he conjures up! An amateur magician, Shaun enjoys performing card tricks and teaching youth technical skills for ‘magic’ trick performance. Leader of the Salt Spring Island Conjuring Club (Ages 7-14), Shaun is a member of this community, and also frequents the streets of Vancouver as a non-car owning software developer. All ages.

Kate Romain – Armed with her accordion, kazoo, foot-tambourine and voice – has been performing for diverse audiences around Canada for the last three years. Her lively and dynamic performances of North American and European folk songs often result in fun participation in the form of dancing, clapping, sing-alongs and laughter with her all-ages audiences.

Food by Hips & Haws:
Organic Ginger-Apple Cider $2.00 X
Organic Coconut Masala Chai $2.00 X
Spring Vegetable Rice Wraps w/ Ginger-Mango Sauce $5.00 X
Organic Flatbread Sandwich w/ Pickled Beets, Moonstruck Feta, Tomato Jam & Mustard Greens $6.00
Hand Pies w/ Root Vegetables, Onion Jam & Salt Spring Goat Cheese $4.00
Organic Shallot, Apple & Cheddar Rolls $4.00
Organic Chocolate Espresso Tart $2.50 X
Orange-Almond Muffins $3.00 X
Organic Beetroot Brownies $3.00
Pear Almond Tart $3.00 X
Organic Cinnamon Cookies $1.00 X
Organic Sunnyseed Cookies $0.50
Organic Chewy Seedy Oat Bars $3.00 X
Organic Lemony Apple Cake $3.50


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