Growing plants on a limited water budget

Using water wisely: A Farmer’s perspective

by Marsha Goldberg of Eagleridge Seeds

Water schedules are easy to implement. Divide your growing space into sections and water deeply at the root zone with drip irrigation or a watering wand. Then move to the next section the following day until it is time to start again. Drip systems only work with a clean water source. If you use a pond, the system gets clogged easily. Here at Eagleridge Seeds we use a solar panel to power a water pump connected to our pond. Then we use a watering wand to water the root zones of our raised bed gardens. These spaces are heavily mulched at planting time to also conserve water and slow down evaporation. Our pathways are left as grass which also minimizes evaporation.

Time of day is also important. Conventional wisdom encourages watering in the cooler times, early morning or early evening. It is not true that plants will burn if watered in the heat of the day. If plants collapse in the heat, it is their response to water stress, but they do recover once the heat passes.Then give them a deep watering !

Plant the right plant in the right location at the right time of year is actually one of our best ways to be water wise. Starting seeds in pots for summer crops like cucumbers, squash and melons conserves lots of water.

Direct seeding uses much more water. Beans and corn also transplant well.

Planting and watering techniques, garden layouts and choosing the hardiest varieties will be discussed in more detail at the workshop.


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